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Write Boost

My service offers exam paper grading and critiques for Cambridge exam students, providing expert feedback within 24 hours for two pieces of writing per payment, to help improve their writing skills and academic performance.



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Talk Tactics

Hey there! 🌟 Are you getting ready to tackle those A2, B1, or B2 speaking exams and looking for some extra support? Well, you're in luck! Join our friendly and interactive speaking exam prep course, where we'll have a blast honing your language skills together.

I understand that exam prep can sometimes feel overwhelming, but fear not! Our course is designed to make learning enjoyable and effective. We'll focus on boosting your speaking confidence, mastering key exam topics, and fine-tuning your pronunciation.

My small class sizes ensure you get the attention you deserve, and our supportive community will cheer you on every step of the way. So, if you're ready to shine in your speaking exams and meet awesome fellow learners, this course is just the ticket!

Let's embark on this language adventure together! 🚀 Reserve your spot now, and let's make your A2, B1, or B2 speaking exam a breeze. Can't wait to see you there! 😊

Book ASAP! Times are limited.

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Telling stories in a way that involves the audience improves vocabulary, understanding, and conversation. 

Kiddo Adventures is a series of read-aloud lessons from Creative Classroom ESL. Kids ages 4-8 learn new English vocabulary and reading comprehension through a story read to them followed by interactive exercises. Sign up for one of these classes.  

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